Lawrenceville hair stylist Regina Lawless

Regina Lawless

I know how important a great hair style is to your self-image, as important as the fashions you choose. I can assure you as my first-time customer, I hear your ideas and will make you smile when you see the final result in your mirror. I feel you aren’t another client; you’ll become a good friend. I’m confident I can please you since I have over 20-years experience as a hair stylist in Lawrenceville / Grayson and Gwinnett. I like to stay current with styles. Present me with your ideas and together we can create a new style that I’m sure you will be happy with.

Lawrenceville hair stylist Teena Skillen

Teena Skillen

I love styling hair because I meet lifetime friends who happen to be my customers. When I cut your hair, I’m happy to listen to your ideas, or offer a change when needed – I like keeping up with the latest styles. I have years of experience in hair color, covering gray, hair extensions, etc. I really like doing “special occasion” hair. I know your hair style is really important to you, so my goal is to “make your day” every time you come to visit me.